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The rental price in Catalonia decreases by 5.2% in 2018, according to Fotocasa


Since the beginning of 2018, the rental price in Catalonia has begun a downward trend that has led to the value of rents have registered a cumulative decrease of 5.2% , when the average rent in January was 12.88 euros per Catalan square meter, marking the historical maximum of the community.

Catalans pay 45.9% more

In the days of July, the rental price in Catalonia was 45.9% above the Spanish average, which was 8.37 euros per square meter. In all the Catalan demarcations, the rental price fell with decreases of 2.7% in Tarragona , 2.4% in Girona , 1% in Barcelona and 0.6% in Lleida .

Specifically, the price per square meter in the districts of Barcelona stood at 13.79 euros, Girona at 6.85 euros, Tarragona at 6.38 euros and 5.57 euros at Lleida. Of the 49 Catalan municipalities that Fotocasa uses to develop the real estate rental index, in 28 the rental price has decreased.

Madrid is the only community with an average price per square meter higher, 12.56 euros per month and that also suffered the largest increase (8.7%) in July.

Municipalities with higher increases

The five Catalan municipalities that registered the highest rent increases were Badalona with 10.50 euros per square meter, 5.9% more than in June, followed by Igualada which with 6.02 euros registered an increase of 5.4%, El Prat de Llobregat at 11.62 euros and 5.2% more, Cambrils at 7.51 euros and 4.7% more and Granollers at 9.36 euros and a rise of 3.4%.

Locations with smaller increments

On the other side, the five Catalan municipalities where the rent fell the most were, at the head, Lloret de Mar , with an average price of 7.08 euros per square meter and 11.2% less in relation to June, followed by Vendrell with 6.52 euros down 9.1%, Roses at 4.31 euros and 6.4% less, Montcada i Reixac at 5.39 euros (-6.1%) and finally Ruby at 8.30 euros the meter and 5.1% less.

Districts and neighborhoods of BCN

In Barcelona capital, 2 of the 10 districts of the city, according to the analysis of Fotocasa, recorded increases in the rental price in July. These two districts are Nou Barris and Les Corts, with rent increases of 2.7% and 0.9%. The Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district is still the most expensive in the Catalan capital with an average of 17.03 euros per square meter and the cheapest is Sant Adrià del Besós , which registers a price of 12.03 euros per square meter.