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Owners of empty homes lose almost 10,000 euros a year

Empty dwellings in negative


The estimate of the housing stock in Spain exceeds 25 million, more than 13% of the total are empty and only 2% corresponds to new homes that continue to be sold according to the real estate website

The stagnation of this offer has associated important losses for its owners, who still do not bet on the rental market. A rented home would leave a benefit of more than 9,732 euros per year to the tenant, 15% more than last year. In total in Spain more than 33,484 million euros per year are lost.

Owners of empty homes in Madrid (16,740 euros / year), País Vasco (13,512 euros / year), Baleares (13,308 euros / year), Cataluña (11,784 euros / year), and Comunidad Valenciana (11,052 euros / year), are those that benefit more annually from their empty homes taking into account the high demand and the continuous increases that are being experienced in the rent. Only 2% of the homes are new and continue to be sold in search of the best buyer, being the Valencian Community (19%), Catalonia (16%) and Andalusia (15%) the communities where most of this is concentrated stock.

"The rental market faces a particularly complicated moment in some capitals, where it would be advisable to increase the supply of leased housing, not only would the current shortage be alleviated and the demand for tenants would be reduced, but also, the profitability obtained would help improve the finances of many families in possession of unproductive housing. " According to Ferran Font, director of Estudios de

With respect to the past year the Valencian Community continues being the autonomy that more stops to enter with these buildings, arriving to reach the 5,581,580,508 gross annual euros.

On the other hand, the Canary Islands (25%), Catalonia (24%), Cantabria (22%), Madrid (20%) and Valenciana (20%) are the communities that have increased the price of rents the most.

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