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Catalunya wants to extend rental contracts from 3 to 5 years


The Catalan Government wants to make a law that establishes a minimum of 5 years for a rental of habitual residence. But ... will it work for something?

The Catalan Government will push for a law that extends the minimum duration of rental contracts for flats for regular residence to "at least" five years. Although there is a conflict of competencies with the Urban Leasing Law (LAU) that is state framework and which is the one in its latest reform changed from 5 to 3 years the minimum duration of a rental.

The Minister of Territori i Sostenibilitat, Damià Calvet, was the one who announced the intention of the Catalan executive to draft this law because "we need to create our own legislative framework regarding the law of urban leases".

This is how El Periódico reports that the reform of the LAU that changed the minimum duration of contracts from 5 to 3 years has become "a real brake on the continuity of people and families" in their homes at a certain moment " of rising prices. "

"It's a drama that we have to be able to reverse," says Calvet.

Will it be useful?

But the Catalan Government has a problem: do you have the competence to make this change in terms of housing and rent? That is the conflict. And Calvet recognizes it and affirms that he wants to "squeeze to the maximum" the "exclusive" competitions that he has.

And if the Catalan Government does not have competences in this aspect and the State LAU is the first one ... what will the autonomous law that it is intended do?

At the moment, there is a   proposal of law that will be debated in the Congress   and that aims, among other points, just what the Catalan Government wants. And also him   PSOE presented another bill when it was in opposition   and that it was vetoed by the previous government, which also intended to extend the minimum rental period from 3 to 5 years.